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Junko's Current Series is "Lift the Curtain" - collages of computer prints and acrylic on mylar panels 84" high x 42" wide. See the series and Junko's statement here.

Junko has created over a thousand works in a wide variety of styles and moods. Here are some examples:

From the 1970sDead Flower Series, No. 5 (1973)

Root Series, No. 9, Emergence of Buddha (1975)

Root Series, No. 16, Mandala (1978)
and Detail from Mandala
From the 1980sEngine Series, No. 2 (1981)

Topological Deformations of the Cross, Nos. 4 and 21 (1987)
From the 1990sCompact Universe, No. 5 (1991)

In the Forest of Amida Buddha, No. 23 (1993)
From the period 2000-2009Concerning Art and Religion Series, No. 1 (2003), "Why Do Demons and Angels Both Fly in the Sky?"

Fathom Series (2006), Stage works for dance performance based on the life of Kuukai

Mass Killing, No. 2 (2009), "Where is my boy? I can't find my boy."