Junko Chodos: Curriculum Vitae

Background and Interests:

1939 Born in Tokyo, Japan
1961-1962 First visit to the United States. Attended classes at Starr-King School for the Ministry, Berkeley, California. (Unitarian)
1963-1968 Entered Waseda University. Majored in Eastern and Western Art History, and the Philosophy of Art.
Studied Eastern and Western Mysticism, and the philosophy of Martin Buber, with Prof. Shigeo Ueda, noted translator of Buber into Japanese.
B.A. in Art History and Philosophy. Graduation Thesis, "Spirituality in Line: Interrelationship of Art and Religiosity".
1968 Moved to the United States.
1969-1970 Studied on a scholarship at State University of New York -- Buffalo, Art major
1971 Married to Rafael Chodos, Lawyer, Author.
1988 Became naturalized U.S. citizen.


2005 Fresno Art Museum, Fresno, California, Junko Chodos: Translucent Meditations.

2005 Museum of Contemporary Religious Art, St. Louis, Missouri, Junko Chodos: The Breath of Consciousness.

2003 Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley, California, Requiem for an Executed Bird, at the Flora Lamson Hewlett Library,
through Feb. 15, 2004.

2002 Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Junko Chodos: A Passionate Witness

2001 Long Beach Museum of Art, Metamorphoses: The Transformative Vision of Junko Chodos

1995 Pacific Asia Museum (Foyer Gallery), In the Forest of Amida Buddha, Pasadena, California

1992 L.A. Artcore Annex,
Art, Mysticism and Psychology, Curated by Rafael Chodos. Los Angeles, California.
Space Gallery, Junko Chodos Painting, Los Angeles, California

1988 Frank Bustamante Gallery, Junko Chodos Recent Works on
, New York, New York.
L.A. Artcore, Los Angeles, California.

1984 Fujii Garo Art Salon,
The Universe Moves and Humans Dance: Junko Chodos One-Person Show, Tokyo, Japan

1983 Studio Gallery 6, Laguna Beach, California

1979 Gallery Nakatsumi,
Staring at Inner Light: Junko Chodos One-Person Show, Osaka, Japan
Tokyo Central Museum,
Staring at Inner Light; Junko Chodos One-Person Show, Tokyo, Japan

1973 Alibrandi Bottega of Art, First One-Person Show of the Artist Junko Chodos, Boston, Massachusetts


1997 Long Beach Museum of Art,
Roadmaps: Structure, Process and the Collection, Long Beach, California
1996 Asian American Arts Center,
"Passion and Compassion: Five Artists' Reflections on Buddhism",
New York, New York
1995 Long Beach Museum of Art,
Crossing Currents (Permanent Collection Show), Long Beach, California
Santa Monica Museum of Art, Invitational Art Auction, Santa Monica, California, U.S.A.
SPACE Gallery,
One Vision, Los Angeles, California.
1994 Long Beach Museum of Art, New Acquisitions Show, Long Beach, California
1993 Couturier Gallery,
Present Art, Los Angeles, California
1992 Couturier Gallery,
Present Art, Los Angeles, California.
Long Beach City College Gallery,
The Sticking Place: Space and Image in Contemporary Collage,
Curated by Peter Frank. Long Beach, California.
Olga Dollar Gallery,
Collage/Assemblage, Curated by Edward Lau.
San Francisco, California.
Gensler and Associates,
One Square Foot, Curated by Francine Ellman. Los Angeles, California.
Barakat Gallery,
Eclectic Images, Beverly Hills, California.
Long Beach Museum of Art,
New Acquisitions, Long Beach, California.
1991 Fleck-Ellman Gallery, Aspen, Colorado
1990 Transamerica Center Galleries,
Parallel Realities,
Curated by Patrick H. Ela. Los Angeles, California.
Space Gallery, Accretions, Collage and Assemblage, Los Angeles, California.
Gallery SHO, San Francisco, California.
Grand Canyon College, A.P. Tell Gallery,
Expressions of Faith IV
Phoenix, Arizona.
1989 Lancaster Museum/Art Gallery, California Collagists Lancaster,
Grand Canyon College, A.P. Tell Gallery,
Expressions of Faith III,
Juried by Bruce D. Kurtz. Phoenix, Arizona.
L.A. Artcore,
The Pacific Rim, Los Angeles, California.
1988 L.A. Artcore,
Wall Works, Juried by Jacqueline Crist. Los Angeles,
New York University,
Twelfth Annual Small Works Competition, New York.
Merging One Gallery, Santa Monica, California.
Pindar Gallery, New York, New York. Juried by Lowery Sims.
Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina.
Grand Canyon College, A.P. Tell Gallery,
Expressions of Faith II,
Phoenix, Arizona.
1987 Art 54 Gallery, International Art Competition winner, New York.
Juried by Janet Salz.
1984 Laguna Beach Museum of Art, Laguna Beach, California.
Juried by Henry Hopkins. All California winner.
1981 Galeria Artica, Cuxhaven, West Germany.


2004 Feb. 7th, 2004, at Symposium jointly sponsored by GTU and the Society for the Arts, Religion, and Contemporary
Culture, on Art and Spirituality.

2003 "Spirituality and the Process of Creating Art", opening talk at Graduate Theological Union, Oct. 9, 2003

2002 Lecture, Claremont Graduate University, as part of the conference, THE EMPIRE OF TRANSLATION, "Following the Pillar of Fire: From Loss of Language to Visual Expression", Nov. 9, 2002

2001 Lecture, Getty Museum, as part of the conference on EXILE, "Following the Pillar of Fire: From Loss of Language to Artistic Expression", Dec. 8, 2001

1999 Lecture, Claremont Graduate University, Conference on Exile, "Spiritual Refugee", Nov. 13, 1999

1996 Lecture, Long Beach Museum of Art Docent Council Meeting, March 14, 1996, "Transcending Ethnicity: The Creative Process"

1994 Lecture and Slide Show, Institute For Antiquity and Christianity, Claremont Graduate School, Nov. 5, 1994, "Illustrated Remarks on the Process of Artistic Creation"

1992 Lecture and slide show, Association for Transpersonal Psychology, Annual Conference, Asilomar, California, August 28-30, 1992, "Transcending Suffering Through the Artistic Process"

1991 Interview, United Television Broadcasting Systems, Los Angeles, California.

1991 Interview, Radio Pacific Japan, Los Angeles, California.

Lecture, Associates of the Brand Library and Art Center, Glendale, California.

1990 Television broadcast, Sand Castle Productions, Los Angeles, California

Read her original poetry (tanka) at Los Angeles Poettry Festival, Pacific Asia Museum, Pasadena, California, in Japanese and English.

1980 Lecture, Japanese American Cultural and Community Center, Los Angeles, California, "On my Root Series" [in Japanese]


Accession Date Work
2008 Individuation Journal, No. 7 (1995)

Long Beach Museum of Art
1991 Burls Series, No. 18 (1988)
1994 Interplanetary Icon, No. 9 (1990)
1998 Celestial Curtain, No. 1 (1988)

Pacific Asia Museum (Pasadena, California):
1995 Dead Flower Series, No. 8 (1974)


Transfixed! Malcolm Goldstein Responds to the Art of Junko Chodos (DVD scheduled for 2003 release)

Junko Chodos - The Sketchbooks (2001), CD-ROM published by Giotto Multimedia [giottomultimedia.com].

Requiem for an Executed Bird (1999) - Interactive CD-ROM produced by Giotto Multimedia and designed by Aswan Karapetian.

Junko Chodos: A Spiritual Artist for the New Renaissance Age (1992), videotape produced and directed by William Barnett, c. 20 minutes.

Junko Chodos: Art, Mysticism and Psychology (1992) videotape produced and directed by Rafael Chodos, c. 18 minutes.

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