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Metamorphoses: The Transformative Vision of Junko Chodos

One-Person Show at the Long Beach Museum of Art
Long Beach, California, September 26, 2001 through January 6, 2002

Curated by Martin Betz and Noriko Gamblin. The catalog of this exhibit, as well as a CD containing a virtual tour, may be purchased from

It was at this show that Junko exhibited her Esoteric Buddhism series, below, which she
had finished earlier that year. The captions of the works, written in Japanese letters, are:
Birth: Born, reborn, and born yet again, in the cycle of reincarnation, in darkness.
Ecstasy: Sexual ecstasy, clean and pure, this too is the realm of the Boddhisatva.
Death: Dying, dying, and dying yet again, in the cycle of reincarnation, in darkness.
The captions on Birth and Death are quotations from Kuukai, 9th Century. The caption on Ecstasy is from the Risshukyo, an Esoteric Buddhist sutra.

Esoteric Buddhism: Birth, Ecstasy, Death (2001)
Side Panels, 8 feet x 42"; 3 middle panels, 12 feet x 126".
Collage of Computer prints, charcoal, and mixed media on Mylar